Climate Change

Climate Change

S&I Consultancy applies environmental and social sciences expertise, and works with private and public sector clients to assess, develop, and implement climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives.

We support the design and implementation of climate mitigation projects and programmes, with a focus on practical, attainable, and cost-effective solutions while maintaining our view on the big picture, such as global warming, greenhouse gases and related weather pattern changes.
Our services and expertise:

  • Clean power generation projects
  • Environmental and social assessment of mitigation projects and proposed investments
  • Stakeholder consultation, engagement, capacity building and training to implement mitigation initiatives
  • Support for planning, design, and implementation of climate-resilient infrastructure

Climate change impact is experienced around the world in different ways. S&I assists clients to assess climate change risks and impacts on resources, people, communities, and projects. We work with communities, governments, and individual groups to develop innovative technologies and strategies.

Our Principals have contributed to the following:

Project preparation and Construction Planning for various Philippines photovoltaic Projects
Project Management Services for 15 Carbon Development Mechanism (CDM) Projects in the Philippines