Inspection and Due Diligence Services

Inspection and Due Diligence Services

Performing pre-construction due diligence prior to initial project funding decision making is a critical step in assessing potential risks, and protecting a client’s interests in any development venture. S&I Consultancy can assist with the identification and analysis of these risks and provide recommendations on how to mitigate them through construction planning. Our extensive experience in the industrial, commercial, institutional, hospitality and high-end residential sectors provides comprehensive directions to meet any client’s specific project requirements.

S&I Consultancy provides:

  • Project construction and performance reviews
  • Condition survey services
  • Operational reviews
  • Regulatory impacts
  • Preliminary budget analysis
  • Scope of work definition
  • Identification of potential existing site conditions
  • Mitigation of permitting and environmental issues

Whether you are an owner, investor, lender, contractor, technology provider, architect or construction manager, S&I is equipped to provide solid advice on your investment and identify possible future risks.

Our Principals have contributed to the following projects:

Condition Survey for Chemical Waste Treatment Plant in Hong Kong

Waste Management Assets Acquisition in China