Project Management Services

Project Management Services

S&I Consultancy accompanies its clients through all stages of the project cycle, from planning through design, permitting, operation and management. Our project management and environmental team members co-operate fully with our clients, other consultants, engineers, planning and design teams, and stakeholders, for both public and private sector projects.

We use assessment tools and risk mitigation methodologies that help to identify opportunities for technological and environmental improvement. Our professionals have previously been appointed for a wide variety of projects.
S&I Consultancy has strong local expertise and assists clients to engage with local communities and other stakeholders. Our social impact assessments, including consultation and communication with critical communities are a result of our best practice approach.

We provide services for all on-going construction, maintenance and operational project stages for the entire development cycle, including long-term management support.

We offer our clients support to develop their own environmental management strategies, supported by up-to-date compliance requirements as the project develops.

Our Principals have worked with various large multi-disciplinary consulting companies with a wide range of clients, including owners, developers, municipal authorities, governmental agencies, lending agencies and contractors. These roles included evaluating engineering and consulting proposals, work plans, and final deliverables on behalf of the client, as well as interacting with regulatory agencies, as a client’s representative.

S&I Consultancy also assists clients with their reporting responsibilities, with respect to estimating future environmental liabilities. This includes periodic review of assumptions and estimates that were used to initially assign the value of any long-term liability.

Tracking projects means closely working with the primary engineer or consultant as a team. S&I Consultancy’s comprehensive range of management skills can offer assistance in providing such services, in both technical, as well as, financial roles.

Our Principals have contributed to the following:

Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Thailand
Project Management Services for NLEX/SCTEX Junction Bridge Foundation, in the Philippines
Project Management and Design Management Services for Large Mixed Use Development in Halong Bay, Vietnam