RLA studies and assessments provide useful information to facility and equipment management, assisting in decisions for operation, maintenance and replacement. This helps as well reducing facility downtimes and forced outages.

S&I Consultancy conducts Residual Life Assessment studies and Renovation & Modernization studies for critical equipment, components and entire facilities. Safety and integrity of plant and components are at the core of every study.

Our studies are based on appropriate mainly non-destructive testing procedures, examination of operational history combined with in depth knowledge and database of design improvements to suit required conditions, extending to destructive testing where needed. S&I Consultancy clients receive solid recommendations with cost benefit analysis for project life, life extension and performance improvement.

Residual Life Assessment (RLA) and Condition Assessment (CA) have been carried out by S&I Consultancy members for various critical facilities and resulted in valuable information for owners and operators.

The major steps for implementation of a Residual Life Assessment study are:

  • Establishment of plant/component history
  • Identification of critical area/equipment
  • In-Site Examination of component/plant
  • Risk Identification
  • Fatigue Life & Creep Prediction
  • Final Report